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Koh Samui Accommodation Beach Huts or Eden Bungalows Koh Samui

Thai traditional bungalow On the island you will find a whole range of hotels and bungalows for all the purses, by way of the simple wooden bungalow with thatched roof in border of sea to the large international luxury hotel complexes.

The two longest beaches of the island are Chaweng and Lamai, they also are the most popular. It is in Chaweng, spread on 7 kilometres, that you will find most wide selection of hotels (luxury), it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island as well. Lamai, its little sister, smaller and more concentrated also has got its own charm.

Most tourists continue to flock to the crescent-shaped beach at Chaweng on the east coast but unless you like loud reggae and blues, we’d suggest avoiding the clamour and clutter and heading instead to its more tranquil southern tip at Chaweng Noi. If you get a chance, take time out to see the impressive Big Buddha complex en route to the charming wooden village of Bophut on the north coast. From here you can also board a speedboat or ferry to Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. Finally, don’t miss a day trip to Angthong National Marine Park.

Koh Samui, Kho Samui, Ko Samui, Samui, Koi Samui, Ko Samoi, Koh Samai, Smui are common ways of spelling the holiday paradise of Samui in Thailand. Samui’s eastern and northern shores are the most populated, and Chaweng is the busiest beach, with hardly a gap along the beachfront between restaurants, resorts and bars. At night, the beach takes off her sundress and glams up with her evening dress, complete with diamond earrings – metaphorically speaking that is. As the sun sets, sun-loungers are replaced with tables set out at the water’s edge.

Extend your visa

If you want to protract your stay, there is another solution. Before the end of your allowed stay, show the following documents to the closest immigration office:

the passport (of course !)
2 recent passport sized photos
2 photocopies for each of the following documents : your passport, the visa, the stamps, the departure card stapled
and 500 baht.

You only have to fill out a form, that's all.

The immigration office is only on Samui Island!

If you are in the area, the one and only immigration office of the archipelago (for the time being/at the moment) is situated on Samui Island, at nearly 1 km (0,6 mile) south of Nathon (in the Lamai direction), at the first set of traffic lights, on the right side at 20 metres. The office is open from 8:30 am till 4:30 pm non stop from Mondays to Fridays. Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

A good advice:

If your visa expires on Saturday or Sunday (or on public holiday), go to the immigration office on Friday (or the day before a public holiday), otherwise if you go there on Monday, you must pay:

If Saturday, 400 baht (200 for Sunday and 200 for Monday)
If Sunday, 200 baht (for one day late)

Same with the public holidays.

Long stay = visa

If you think of staying more than one month, get yourself a visa at the nearest embassy or consulate, it is easier.
You could obtain a 2 months tourist visa or a two entries of 2 months each, also protractable three times on the spot, 1 month then twice 1 week for 500 baht (each extension).


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